micro jazz fusion… Bitcorn Soup by Jim Funnell’s Word Out (feat. David Fiuczynski) out today!

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“Une musique au surréalisme indomptable.” – Ravy Magnifique (batteur, compositeur, percussionniste)

🇬🇧/🇺🇸 Recorded in Paris, Boston, and London from August 2021 to March 2022. Mixed and mastered by Javier Escudero in April 2022 at Estudios Cubex (Spain). Artwork by Marie-Elisabeth Rubin (France). Video editing by Laure Lang.

🇫🇷 Enregistré à Paris, Boston, et à Londres entre août 2021 et Mars 2022. Mixé et masterisé par Javier Escudero en Avril 2022 à Estudios Cubex (Espagne). Art graphique par Marie-Elisabeth Rubin (France). Montage vidéo par Laure Lang.

David Fiuczynski (g)
Dominique Muzeau (b)
Franck Vaillant / Asaf Sirkis (d)
Ravy Magnifique (perc)
Akiko Horii (perc)
Jim Funnell (keys & composition)

Tree of Light

Be the light,
And you will merge
With all light.

“Tree of Light” is one of the last compositions I completed in 2020 (hence the silver Christmas tree in the YouTube video) and the very last one Akiko and I filmed and recorded in our Sunnyside apartment (Queens, New York) before moving to Reykjavík (Iceland) for a few months. Two of our friends, namely Dominique Muzeau and Thibault Perriard, joined us remotely from the Île-de-France (Paris Region) in this transition, contributing amazing bass and drum parts from their homes and lifting our spirits in the process. I’m sure their playing on this track will lift yours too!

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