FunJazz transcriptions

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The files are grouped by album (last names of main artists in alphabetical order); you can use the search function on your keyboard (Command-F on Mac) to look for a specific piece of music.

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Cole, Nat King.

L-O-V-E. Capitol. 1965.

  • L-O-V-E (comping sheet with introduction, counter-melody, and ending)

Davis, Miles.

Chronicle: The Complete Prestige Recordings 1951 – 1956. Prestige Records. 1988 (“Tune Up” recorded 1953).

  • Tune Up (piano solo by John Lewis)

Kind of Blue. Columbia. 1959.

  • Freddie Freeloader (detailed lead sheet with 3-part melody, proper solo changes, and coda)
  • Freddie Freeloader (trumpet solo by Miles Davis with chord symbols for comping as played by Wynton Kelly)

Day, Doris.

Day by Night. Columbia. 1957.

Gainsbourg, Serge.

Comme un boomerang. Universal. 2011 (“La Javanaise” originally released 1963).

  • La Javanaise (comping sheet with introduction, modulation, and ending)

Hebb, Bobby.

Sunny. Philips. 1966.

  • Sunny (transcription of the melody as sung by Bobby Hebb, first 2 choruses with lyrics and chords)

Henderson, Joe.

Page One. Blue Note. 1963.

Jobim, Antônio Carlos.

The Composer of Desafinado, Plays. Verve. 1963.

Jung Kook.

Golden. Big Hit. 2023.

  • Yes or No (drums as produced by Watt and Cirkut)

Shorter, Wayne.

Adam’s Apple. Blue Note. 1967 (recorded 1966).

Speak No Evil. Blue Note. 1966 (recorded 1964).

Word Out (post-bop jazz fusion) 🎶 AfuriKo (African infused ethno jazz) 🎶 FunJazz Piano Lessons