Jim Funnell’s Word Out

“Most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke’s description of the powerful effect of poetry resonates with Jim Funnell’s perception of jazz composition and improvisation as ideal vehicles for infinite shades of emotion. Jim’s love for sound parallels his fondness of the written word, and inspiration from literary sources often pervades his music.

In his teenage years, exposure to recordings by jazz piano masters such as Ahmad Jamal and Keith Jarrett encouraged Jim to support his own vivid palette of tones and rhythms with a format of choice: the classic piano trio…

And he has been doing it ever since! With Word Out, Jim has notably released two albums, won the Composition Prize at the “Trophées du Sunside” in Paris, played numerous concerts and taught workshops in Europe, Japan, and the United States (full itinerary).

Although Word Out is a trio at its core, the lineup may vary in size and instrumentation depending on the artistic mood of the moment… Regular band members have included:

Jim Funnell (piano and compositions)

Perrin Grace (ac. bass) & Dan Pugach (drums) (US)

Mátyás Szandai / Oliver Degabriele (ac. bass) & Jeff Boudreaux / John Betsch / Thibault Perriard (drums) (EUROPE)

Takashi Sugawa (ac. bass) & Ryo Noritake (drums) (JAPAN)