life purpose

Create and advance the art of music; inspire and encourage uniqueness.

  1. Performance & Composition: the creative work I am engaged in consists of a) bringing musical ideas to consciousness as faithfully as possible, b) structuring them into tunes/improvisations/compositions, c) in turn, materializing those pieces into recordings and live performances, and d) making them available for the enjoyment and nourishment of all who may choose to be exposed to (or stumble upon!) them;
  2. Practice-Based Music Research & Ethnomusicology: focus on the oneness of all music and show that all forms of human music making from around the world, regardless of however different they sometimes may seem on the surface, are in fact deeply connected.

These activities shall be carried out in a spirit of respect and celebration of all the beautiful traditions the world still has to offer today, despite the fast pace at which many of them are currently being extinguished to the benefit of our technological society.

The main purpose to which I will continue to dedicate my time is thus, hopefully, to inspire and encourage you – and all fellow human beings – not to succumb to the plague of conformism hitting humanity in the 21st century.

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