Echoes of Cyan

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“Echoes of Cyan” has not yet officially been released as a single or on an album/EP. Please enjoy the video below! 🔽

Echoes of Cyan is kind of a tribute to the tune Blue in Green by Bill Evans (or Miles Davis?). The 15 bar form for this new composition is somewhat unusual, echoing Blue in Green’s 10 bars, and the (mostly) descending stepwise melody reminiscent of the famous ballad on Kind of Blue (1959).

Franck Vaillant – drums
Takashi Sugawa – bass

Jim Funnell – piano & composition

Recorded in Tokyo, Paris, and New York in July 2020.
©2020 Jim Funnell (ASCAP, SACEM)

2 thoughts on “Echoes of Cyan”

  1. Hi Jim,

    I played the video and was blown away by your composition and your performance.

    With each of the four trios I took into the recording studios (for my label Sirocco) we had an idea of how we wanted to differentiate the performances from other trio albums. The four pianists involved (Geri Allen, Dave Kikoski, Geoff Keezer and Henry Hey) were all innovators and, on the evidence of this composition, I sense that about you too.

    I would very much like to see you doing more of this trio work. We know piano, bass & drums is a staple line-up in the jazz cannon … but there is always room for someone who can bring some originality to the format. You have certainly done that.
    (Good work all round!).

    Warm Regards

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment and great to hear from you! The trios you mention all sound super exciting (listening to “Triangular 2” as I’m writing this). What’s the title of Geri Allen’s recording? I found “Reflections in Change,” which seems to be an album by Craig Handy.

      For sure, I’ll keep you posted via the mailing list with future trio recordings such as this one. The next video, scheduled to be released in a month or so, will be slightly different, but I regularly come back to the standard trio format 🙂

      All the best,


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