Red Dragonfly (Akatombo)

Red Dragonfly aka Akatombo (AfuriKo)
©2016 AfuriKo/Funnelljazz (SACEM)
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Charles Frossard at Studio MESA (Soignolles-en-Brie, France) in November and December 2015.
Available sheet music: | |

Akiko Horii – percussion
Jim Funnell – piano, keyboard, key bass

The lyrics to the song “Akatombo” are in fact a poem, written by Rofū Miki in 1921: they depict a nostalgic remembrance of a Japanese red dragonfly seen by a child at sunset.

Yûyake-koyake no akatombo.
Owarete mitano wa itsu no hi ka.

Yama no hatake no kuwa no mi o
Kokago ni tsunda wa maboroshi ka.

Jûgo de nêya wa yome ni yuki,
Osato no tayori mo taehateta.

Yûyake koyake no akatombo –
Tomatte iru yo, sao no saki.

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