When mutually, with the music, words arise…

Tree of Light (2021)

Be the light,
And you will merge
With all light.

Tao (2018)

A muffled thud, and
the harlequin butterfly
soars into the light.

Tao by AfuriKo album cover
Tao (2019) album cover / artwork by Margaux Couet

Pioneer of the New Dream (2017, revised 2022)

The soft breeze of spring.
Pioneer of the new dream,
burn your boat and sing!

Picture taken in Yonkers on the banks of the Hudson River

Spirit of the Snail (2015)

When one dawdles sweetly and considers how
calm, stillness, and contemplation reveal
the detailed beauty of slow motion,
obviousness resurfaces.
Slowness seems necessary,
in all simplicity.
No one can lock up,
deep in its shell,
the spirit
of the

Spirit of the Snail by Jim Funnell's Word Out album cover
Spirit of the Snail (2015) album cover / artwork by Ory Minie

jazz • world • funk • fusion • 12-tone ET & microtonal keys